architecture matters p/l

Fitzroy Additions & Alterations Constructed in three stages over four years, this project saw a virtually derelict Edwardian villa extensively remodelled and enlarged. The front four rooms were retained but with an ensuite/bathroom and powder room inserted in one room whilst small internal courtyards flanking the extended central corridor were introduced to separate the ‘old’ front bed/bath rooms from the ‘new’ rear open-plan living areas. The courtyards served not only to provide a physical and visual break between the differing eras and functional zones of the house but also allowed for the introduction of greatly increased natural light throughout. A highly articulated gable-ended rear elevation maintained the roof pitch and height of the existing house whilst a second-storey ‘attic’ room was incorporated within, breaking-up the otherwise open floor plan into clearly defined areas for the combined kitchen/laundry, meals and living areas.