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Sheridan Pavilion Redevelopment The new Sheridan Pavilion was designed to accommodate football and cricket teams as well as other community user groups. The new facility is flexible and robust and dramatically improves the functionality, accessibility and environmental performance of the original sporting pavilion that it replaced. The buildings siting was defined by the existing sporting oval to the north, road and carparking to the south, high voltage powerlines to the east and cricket nets to the west. Furthermore, a local flood risk across this tightly demarcated zone required the new building to be elevated, and this raised platform provided an ideal level for viewing the oval, enabling a wide terrace to surround three sides of the pavilion. Change rooms are arrayed along the oval-side of the building and can be opened up to form a large function room, with amenity areas located to maximise the flexible use of the facility. The cantilevered roof forms were arrived at in part from a desire to house photovoltaic and solar hot water panels at their optimum incline whilst also providing a column free, covered viewing area, creating the further opportunity for tall, light-filled rooms. An extensive array of passive and active ESD initiatives reflect the City of Stonnington's ongoing commitment to improving the environmental performance of their building stock.