Save A Dog Scheme dog pens

Save-A-Dog Scheme Animal Shelter Master Plan & Redevelopment


Yarrambat, Victoria


Save A Dog Scheme Inc.


$1.9 MIL (Stage 1)


2016-2020 (Stage 1) & 2021 (Stage 2)

Consultant team

Structural & Civil Engineer – Adams Consulting Engineers
Services Engineer – BRT Consulting
Planning Consultant – Asplan Town Planning
Quantity Surveyor – Prowse Quantity Surveyors
Land Surveyor – Peter Rickard and Associates
Acoustic Engineer – Renzo Tonin & Associates
Building Surveyor – GE Building Surveyors

Architecture Matters has developed a specialised expertise in the design of animal welfare facilities over the past decade. Our design for the progressive redevelopment of this shelter for the not-for-profit Save A Dog Scheme Inc. (SADS) at their rural property in Yarrambat sought to enhance the safety and efficiency of the facility for staff, while also providing an improved living environment for the resident animals.

With the existing buildings in varying states of dilapidation and/or poorly utilised, we developed a comprehensive master plan in order to optimise the current infrastructure. In some areas, the facility required upgrading to meet the Code of Practice for the Management of Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds.

Save A Dog Scheme dog inside a dog pen
Save A Dog Scheme-outdoor dog pens

The progressive implementation of our master plan saw the delivery of state-of-the-art animal accommodation including 136 dog pens and 40 cat pens as well as isolation, quarantine and vet facilities, adoption rooms, offices, laundry, staff amenities and exercise yards.

Stage 1 was successfully completed in October 2020. Subsequent stages have been thoroughly planned to resolve issues relating to varying floor levels, inadequate stormwater and sewage drainage, poor ventilation, acoustics and security.

The completed, specialised, facility will provide a significantly improved and safe setting for animals staff and visitors alike, providing an environment commensurate with the SADS organisation’s mission to rehome companion animals.

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